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Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid, Birmingham

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Sleek and attractive, the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid makes a powerful first impression

Discover the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid | A car to fit your lifestyle

Sleek and attractive, the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid makes a powerful first impression

Whatever your perspective, the elegant lights draw the eye with their
curved outline, seamlessly integrated into the car’s profile.

A clean and refined design inspired by the flow of air.

The side sill mouldings keep air close to its body, while the front wheel air curtains redirect turbulent air.

The horizontal layout emphasises IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid's wide volume and sporty, unique image.

The harmonious combination of rear spoiler, lower glass area, combination lamps, contrasting bumper insert and signature blue colour accent confirms the complete integrity of the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid's design.

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The IONIQ’s interior is designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity

Sometimes it’s the small things which can make a difference. For example - having heated seats and steering wheel for cold mornings, being able to charge your smartphone wirelessly, or switching the rear view monitor on for extra visibility while driving.

Bluelink® connectivity.

Bluelink connected car services bring seamless connectivity directly into the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid via the Bluelink smartphone app*.

Remote charging
Whilst plugged in, you can schedule your charging so electricity usage is more efficient and your car is fully charged for when you need it.

Get there faster with real-time services

The IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid comes with everything you need to make driving less stressful – and to get you there faster, a free 5-year subscription to Hyundai’s LIVE Services is included. Access real-time information on petrol station locations, traffic, weather and POI, as well as parking options.

Plug-in Hybrid performance

IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid is powered by a specially developed powertrain
that adds driving pleasure to the environmental benefits of a hybrid system. When IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid's two hearts beat as one, the combined output of the 1.6L engine and electric motor reaches a highly gratifying 141PS. They also operate independently as conditions require. So seamless are the transitions between pure electric, hybrid and petrol-only driving modes that they are barely noticeable. In pure electric mode, IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid's range extends up to 39 miles thanks to the 8.9kW/h lithium-ion polymer battery.

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Driving with peace of mind

When used as a conventional hybrid electric vehicle, a computer selectively
operates between the engine and the electric motor – or even both at the same time –
depending on the level of power required to travel.

When it’s operating in electric mode, the vehicle is driven only using the electric motor until the charge from the high voltage battery becomes too low, at which point it reverts to the hybrid mode automatically.

Pure electric mode gives you up to 39 miles of zero tailpipe emissions,
depending on your driving style and road conditions


IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid can be charged in a variety of ways, at home or on the go.
So you can take every opportunity to enjoy zero emission driving.

More safety equipment, because you deserve superior safety

Roads may change, but your vehicle should be stable in any situation. Our focus is safety and stability and the wellbeing of all occupants.

Terms & Conditions

These figures were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. The IONIQ Plug-In is a plug-in hybrid vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. * There is a new test for fuel consumption and CO2 figures. The CO2 figures shown, however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration.

Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid in Birmingham

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